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Easy Grow Wall Planter Bag Non Woven

For those of you who live in urban areas, in a crowded environment there is not enough space for gardening, and gardening with a vertical system is another option that can be done to get the benefits of plants, both for consumption or for their beauty and coolness. The Easy Grow Non-woven Wall Planter is designed to maximize this minimal space so that it can be used as a vertical garden both at home and even in apartments.



The advantages of Wall Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven are:
It is an export quality product to 28 countries in the world for more than 15 years.

Make Plant Roots Healthier
Produced from PP Non Woven and high anti UV material, breathable, functions as water pruning on the roots, so the roots will form many healthy fibers and function optimally to absorb nutrients, oxygen and water so that plants grow faster and healthier.

Stabilize the temperature in the growing media
Did you know that the type of plant you grow can affect the temperature of the soil?
Certain potting materials or plant containers, such as plastic, and metal, retain more heat from the sun. Most plants are quite sensitive to changes in temperature.
Planting containers made of non-breathable materials tend to trap heat, which “cooks” the plant’s delicate roots from within, causing the plant to wither and die.
Wall Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven is produced from breathable material that does not retain heat. This product promotes good air circulation which cools the soil/planting medium and releases heat from inside the growing media out from all sides and ensures that the plants are never exposed to excessive heat.

Prevent root rot due to excess water in the planting medium
Some types of plants do not like standing water. Stagnant water can cause decay, causing mold or mildew growth and disease.
If you are growing plants that are sensitive to excessive humidity, we highly recommend using the Wall Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven.
The Easy Grow Non Woven Wall Planter Bag material allows water to flow out from all directions, making the soil moist, but not excessive/flooded.

World agricultural experts prove that Wall Planter Bags using this material are proven to be better for plant root growth compared to previous generations of planter bags (other types).

Can be used up to > 5 years under direct sunlight or rain, as well as various climates and temperatures, such as extreme hot temperatures in the Middle East and extreme cold in Europe.

Wall Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven is packaged in a ball press with a maximum weight of 20 kg, does not require a large space for storage or delivery. Will not crack or break when accidentally dropped.

By using Wall Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven, you will save on the cost of using fertilizer, because it will not be absorbed by other plants or weeds.
Wall Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven is an effective solution for planting on limited land.

Use a light planting medium such as cocopeat or palm fiber and only contains a little soil so as not to contaminate the walls of your house, the most important thing is that the nutrient intake is still fulfilled, so the planting media does not have to be all with soil. In order to look beautiful, the selection of the type of plant must also be right. It’s best to avoid vines, choose light-weight plants, and choose plants that grow slowly to moderately, not fast-growing ones such as:
Small leaf elephant ears (Anthurium Crystalinum)
Buckhorn (Platycerium Bifurcatum)
Paris Lilies (Chlorophytum Comosum)
Allium Ramos
Aeschynantus Radicans
Kadaka (Asplenium Sp)
Red Piper (Piper Omatum)
Begonias, etc
You can also grow various types of vegetables, strawberries and various types of herbs so that you can use them for daily consumption.

For vertical garden maintenance, you can use a drip irrigation system and a sprayer system (spray dew), fertilize once or twice a week or if you are busy, you can apply slow release fertilizer. As for sunlight, place your vertical garden according to the type of plant, so that your plants avoid sun burn or otherwise unhealthy plants due to lack of sunlight.
Wall Planter Non Woven Easy Grow is produced with the following standard sizes:
5 Pockets (1 x 5) Size : 30 x 120 cm
6 Pockets (3 x 2) Size : 60 x 75 cm
8 Pockets (2 x 4) Size : 45 x 97 cm
9 Pockets (3 x 3) Size : 60 x 75 cm
12 Pockets (3 x 4) Size : 66 x 97 cm
15 Pockets (3 x 5) Size : 66 x 120 cm

Standard Color: black, white, and gray
Other designs and sizes can be produced by request


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