PT. Wanghort Pratama Lestari

The manufacturer of Easy Grow Planterbag, and other products for Garden, nursery, horticulture and forestry

High Quality Products

Core business of PT. Wanghort Pratama Lestari is a manufacturer of Planterbag, and other related products for supply to plant nurseries, gardens, horticulture and forestry industries.
With our commitment, we only use the best raw materials and with very strict quality controls to manufacture high quality products with export standard.

Many Range of Products

We are the manufacturer of Easy Grow Planter Bag Made from Woven High Density Polyethylene available in many designs and sizes, and other products made from plastic, wood and other materials for Nurseries, Gardens, Horticulture and Forestry industries, manufatured in our factories below :

Jl. Veteran. 09 RT. 005/ 004 Kelurahan Kebon Kelapa, Pasar Kemis, Tangerang
Banten – Indonesia 15560
Export from Tanjung Priok Port – Jakarta

Jl. Raya Wonosari-Semanu KM. 3 Wukirsari, Baleharjo, Wonosari, Gunungkidul
Jogjakarta – Indonesia 55891
Export from Tanjung Emas Port – Semarang Central Java

For complete informations or any other asistance, please do not hesitate to contact us :

Sentra Bisnis Jati No. 1
Jl. Benteng Betawi, Kelurahan Tanah Tinggi, Kec. Tangerang,
Kota Tangerang Banten – Indonesia 15119
Telp. +62 21 29003813
Fax. +62 21 29003814

Phone/WhatsApp :
+62 811 902 861
+62 811 877 861
Email : [email protected]

Phone/WhatsApp :
+62 811 264 2865
+62 811 264 2866
+62 811 264 2867
+62 811 264 2869

The Pioner

We are the leader and one of the very first manufacturers to concieve of the Woven Planter Bag with handles. This idea created as solution from many problems in plant nurseries. Planterbag will help for easier application because it is easy moving (handles will make easier for lifting and plant moving), Efficient because it no need big space for storage, Economical cost because it is cheaper dan plastic pots or ex-drum and Planterbag are durable it will stand for many years in direct sun and rain because it only made from virgin material with high UV additives, and other advantage of our Planterbag.
From Planterbag products, our company expanding to produce other products for supply plant nurseries, gardens, horticulture and forestry industries.


Main Products

Our main products in factory 1 are : Planterbag, Seedlings Tray or Pot Tray, Plastic Pots, Tree Guard, Fruit Covers, Black Polybags, Weedmat, many types of Plant Tags, Organic Fertilizer, and Hydroponic Nutrition.

Our main products in factory 2 are : Hardwod Stakes, Survey Stakes/Pegs, Wooden Basket/Wooden Pot, Wood Fence, Wood Screen, Wood Expanding trellis, Wood Garden Edges, Wood Interlocking Decking Tiles and other as request.

Market & Local Distribution

Our Planterbag have been using in many countries world wide more than 20 years, and this time we are developing for application on to plants nurseries, gardens, horticulture and forestry industries in Indonesia with same standard and quality as products for export.
For Indonesian local market, we have very strong distribution network to ensure availability products for on time supply to all our customers/distributors in Indonesia.

Export Market

We have been selling/export our products to in many countries world wide as same as local, we also have very strong distribution network to ensure availability products for on time supply to our customers/distributors in 28 contries worldwide