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Easy Grow Raised Bed & Vegetable Planter Bag

Grow your own organic food from your garden with EASY GROW Raised Bed or EASY GROW Vegetable Planter, it is healthy and save cost!



Most of foods available in market are with preservative and other chemicals which is very dangerous for human body.
Many peoples are now shift they mind to healthy life with only eat healty food. Some peoples trying to grow they own food or vegetable to be organic food for they own personal need or even for organic food business. But the problem is, not all people can have enough space for they hobby or for growing plants and vegetable, specially in the big cities.

EASY GROW Vegetable Planter and Raised Bed made from HDPE Woven and other materials with very high anti UV including sewing thread. It can be used many times for many types of vegetables and herbs, after you have your crop in one season, you can wash them and use it again for new growing season. It can be used 5-10 years.

It is fully laminated and will retain moisture which enhances plant growth and will help to SAVE WATER, it can help you when you do not have enough time for care your plants during your busy time. If you use Easy Grow Vegetable Planter or Raised Bed, You will no need big space or big field to get healthy organic vegetables, fruits, or herbs for your personal need, you will only need minimum quality potting soil but you will get maximum crop. Put them in porches, patios, pergolas or balconies, after few days you will get healthy organic food which is free from preservativeor any dangerous chemicals for your body because you grow them self.

Other side, you will safe your organic vertilizer, because it will only maximum absorbed by your root plants without any wash out or absorbed by other plants or weed compare with if you grow your them on field, so then you will get maximum crop for both quality and qty. This Vegetable Planter is suitable for growing many type vegetable for salad, Leek, Parsnip, beetroot, tomato, chilli, cucumber, pepper, eggplant, carrot, potato, spinac, herbs and other vegetables.

You can get continual crop when you grow few Easy Grow Vegetable Planters or Raised Beds with diferent planting time each bags, for example within interval one week time, so then you will get crop each week.

Standard sizes for Vegetable Planter :
Diameter 29 cm x 24 cm High
Diameter 36 cm x 30 cm High
Diameter 50 cm x 30 cm High

Standard sizes for Raised Bed :
Diameter 100 cm x 25 cm High

Available colour : Green, White, and Black
For other colours and design will be available by request


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