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Tree Collar

Strong gusts of wind are no longer a problem! Easy Grow Tree Collar is a premium product with export standards that protects your plants from damage caused by strong winds.



Manufactured from PP belt material with anti-UV which is durable for use in all weather.
This Tree Collar can be adjusted with rope or wire and is also equipped with aluminum bearings and bolts so that it can bind strongly. Very easy to use in projects or nurseries, especially for high value plants.

Other advantages:
Available in two models, namely for nursery and for landscape projects
Save operator/worker costs
Saves fertilizer because there is no need to re-fertilize when plants are damaged by strong winds
Can be used repeatedly because it is durable
Plants have a better selling price because there are no broken or damaged stems or twigs
Will not hurt or damage plant stems due to friction

Standard size:

For Landscape Projects:
LT05240 : 5cm x 24cm
Palm Tie: for plant stems or large palms, specially designed for mature plants and large palm trees
Size : 10 x 150 cm

For Project Nursery:
LT05200 : 5 cm x 20 cm, for plant stem size 9.5 cm – 15 cm
LT05310 : 5 cm x 31 cm, for plant stem size 16 cm – 25 cm
LT05385 : 5 cm x 38.5 cm, for plant stem size 26 cm – 31 cm
LT07549 : 7.5 cm x 49 cm, for plant stems size 32 cm – 44 cm

Standard black color, for other sizes, colors and designs can be produced on request.


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