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PP Woven Geotextile

Geotextile is one of the most widely used materials for geotechnical engineering, especially in Indonesia, most of the soil conditions are soft soil, so this geotextile material is very helpful in strengthening soil at a relatively low cost compared to other soil strengthening methods.
In addition, PP Woven Geotextile having good durability so that the soil does not sink easily.


General functions of geotextiles are:
Geotextile has high permeability properties so that it is able to drain water through the geotextile material. In its application, the flow of water will carry soil particles, so this is where the geotextile functions as a filter or filter where water can still flow but soil particles do not penetrate the geotextile material.

Geotextile itself has been known as an effective material to prevent the mixing of soft soil with the above pavement as in the case of road construction on soft soil. Often the soft subgrade moves up here the role of the geotextile is to prevent the soft soil from rising to the pavement.
Because one of the advantages of geotextile is that it has good stretchability and can withstand the frictional forces that occur so it is very suitable to be used as a separator between soft soil and the pavement above it.

The geotextile as a stabilizer is actually still related to the separator, because it has a good tensile strength, the geotextile can distribute the load on it evenly so that it can increase the strength of the soil in the backfill process.

Fabric standard weight 150 gsm, 200 gsm, 250 gsm or on request
Standard Black
Size per roll : Width 4 meters x Length 200 meters or on request


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