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Natural Tali Bamboo Poles

Ideal for a wide range of applications
High quality, thick and strong natural bamboo
Can be carved, split, cut and shaped for any project


String Bamboo (Gigantochloa Apus) also known as Tali Bamboo is bamboo species native Java, Indonesia. 100% Natural Bamboo. Gigantochloa apus is heavy timber bamboo species, also strong construction grade bamboo is often used in scaffolding and as a building material for bridges. They are also beautiful for making traditional musical instruments, furniture, handicrafts and fences, room divider, etc both indoor or outdoor.
Bamboo is a natural product, therefore bamboo poles are never 100% straight.
We are able to supply with or without coating.

This species have a porous outer layer which makes it easy to apply oils or varnishes if desired. No scraping or sanding is required. All our bamboo poles and bamboo panels are treated to avoid potential powder post beetle attacks.

Standard sizes :
Please note that due to the natural construction of this product, the size will vary item to item.
Some pole diameters may be from 35mm – on average the diameter will be between 50-60mm
Lenght 0.5 m up to 6 metre
Other sizes are available by request


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