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Gardening Apron

Gardening is great fun, but it can cause dirt to stick to our clothes and be difficult to clean. We have the solution by using a gardening apron.
Easy Grow gardening apron with 9 pockets, can be adjusted / adjusted to the size of the neck and waist for both men and women.
Very suitable for wood work, gardening or garden maintenance, art-related work, cleaning, work with light equipment or finishing work. Suitable for use by carpenters, gardeners (hobbyists), packing operators, designers etc.


This Easy Grow garden apron is durable, with 9 pockets to safely store tools, and the pockets are designed deep enough to prevent tools from falling.
With a belt and buckle / clip that can be adjusted to the size of the neck and according to the desired size so that it is comfortable to use. Manufactured from durable vinyl, comfortable to use and waterproof.

Standard size : wide 51 cm x high 56 cm
Colour : Green with cream colour
Other sizes and colours available by request


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