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Easy Grow Rhizome & Potato Planter Bag

Grow your own fresh rhizome or potatoes in Easy Grow Rhizome & Potato Planter Bag for your kitchen.
You can use this Easy Grow Rhizome & Potato Planter Bag for growing ginger, turmeric, galangal, immature, potatoes, sweet potatoes and others. Very simple and easy for small garden.



When you need the rhizomes or potatoes or other crop, it very easy you can take it as much as your need from the side wall window with velcro, so you will no need to retract the plants, so it still can grow and produce the rhizomes and potatoes for your need.
Made from HDPE Woven material with high anti UV, will last 5-10 years. As it fully laminated and will retain moisture which enhances plant growth and will help to save water.

Standard sizes for growing rhizomes :
Small : Diameter 29 cm x 24 cm High
Large : Diameter 40 cm x 30 cm High

Standard sizes for growing potatoes :
Diameter 35 cm x 50 cm High

Colour available : Green, White and Black.
Other colours and sizes available by request


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