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Easy Grow Planter Bag Non Woven

Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven is the best choice in narrow and limited areas and is easy to move (easy to move). Best to replace used pots, polybags or drums for gardening.
Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven can be used to grow various types of plants such as fruit plants, vegetables, flowers, herbs, palms, etc., both on a home/hobbyist scale and on a commercial scale.

Produced from PP Non Woven and high anti UV material, breathable, functions as water pruning on the roots, so the roots will form many healthy fibers and function optimally to absorb nutrients, oxygen and water so that plants grow faster and healthier.



The advantages of Easy Grow Non Woven Planter Bags include:

It is an export quality product to 28 countries in the world for more than 15 years.

Make Plant Roots Healthier
Plants in pots tend to develop complex, tangled root systems.
As the roots grow and develop, the roots will form a circle which eventually forms a dense root ball that inhibits plant growth.
When a plant’s root system is entangled in a circle, it is unable to utilize oxygen, water and nutrients from the soil. Eventually, the roots begin to surround the pot, which causes structural damage to the plant.
In some cases, rot occurs due to poor drainage as a result of root entanglement blocking the drainage holes in the pot.

This is why it is so important to inspect and prune the roots of plants regularly to avoid entwining the roots and encouraging water pruning of the roots. One of the effects of using plastic planting pots or containers has been shown to inhibit pruning water on plant roots.

Water pruning is a process that burns plant roots naturally. As the roots burn naturally, healthier branched roots will grow. With new root fibers, plants are able to absorb more nutrients and water from the soil, thereby accelerating plant growth.
Unlike pots made of other materials, Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven will not limit nutrient uptake, this product allows dominant roots to grow without causing girdling.

Stabilize the temperature in the growing media
Did you know that the type of plant you use can affect the temperature of the soil?
Certain potting materials or plant containers, such as plastic, and metal, retain more heat from the sun. Most plants are quite sensitive to changes in temperature.
Planting containers made of non-breathable materials tend to trap heat, which “cooks” the plant’s delicate roots from within, causing the plant to wither and die.
Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven is produced from breathable material that does not retain heat. This product promotes good air circulation which cools the soil/planting medium and releases heat from inside the growing media out from all sides and ensures that the plants are never exposed to excessive heat.

Prevent root rot due to excess water in the planting medium
Some types of plants do not like standing water. Stagnant water can cause decay, causing mold or mildew growth and disease.
If you are growing plants that are sensitive to excessive humidity, we highly recommend using the Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven.
The Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven material allows water to flow out from all directions, making the soil moist, but not excessive/flooded.
World agricultural experts prove that Planter Bags using this material are proven to be better for plant root growth compared to previous generations of planter bags (other types).

Can be used up to > 5 years under direct sunlight or rain, as well as various climates and temperatures, such as extreme hot temperatures in the Middle East and extreme cold in Europe.

The Easy Grow Non Woven Planter Bag is equipped with a handle, which will facilitate the lifting process using hands, forklifts, and cranes. (lift all loop handles together).

Prices are very competitive compared to used plastic pots and drums, so they can help cut production costs in your garden.

Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven is packaged in a ball press with a maximum weight of 20 kg, does not require a large space for storage or delivery. Will not crack or break when accidentally dropped.

Easy Grow Non Woven Planter Bags are produced in sizes from 3 liters to 500 liters, special sizes and designs are available to order and can be printed / printed with brand logos or trade marks as your identity or business promotion. With a round bottom design, it will simplify the process of filling the planting media, it is stable when placed, and will not roll over.

By using the Easy Grow Non Woven Planter Bag, you will save on the cost of using fertilizer, because it will not be absorbed by other plants or weeds.

Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven is an effective solution for planting in limited land, roof tops and even barren/skinny land.

Specs and sizes of Planter Bag Easy Grow Non Woven as follows (when it is filled with planting media):
– 3 liters : Dia 15 cm x 18 cm / No Handle / 200 pcs per bale
– 5 liters : Dia 18 cm x 20 cm / No Handle / 200 pcs per bale
– 11 ltr : Dia 24 cm x 25 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 15 ltr : Dia 29 cm x 24 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 18 ltr : Dia 28 cm x 30 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 20 ltr : Dia 32 cm x 25 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 25 ltr : Dia 23 cm x 25 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 28 ltr : Dia 34 cm x 28 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 30 ltr : Dia 34 cm x 33 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 35 ltr : Dia 37 cm x 33 cm / 2 Handles std / 150 pcs per bale
– 45 ltr : Dia 38 cm x 40 cm / 2 Handles std / 100 pcs per bale
– 50 ltr : Dia 40 cm x 40 cm / 2 Handles std / 100 pcs per bale
– 75 ltr : Dia 46 cm x 46 cm / 2 Handles std / 75 pcs per bale
– 100 ltr : Dia 51 cm x 50 cm / 4 Handles std / 50 pcs per bale
– 150 ltr : Dia 60 cm x 54 cm / 4 Handles std / 40 pcs per bale
– 200 ltr : Dia 65 cm x 60 cm / 4 Handles std / 30 pcs per bale
– 300 ltr : Dia 80 cm x 60 cm / 4 Handles long / 20 pcs per bale
– 400 ltr : Dia 92 cm x 60 cm / 4 Handles long / 20 pcs per bale
– 500 ltr : Dia 95 cm x 75 cm / 4 Handles sling / 15 pcs per bale

Standard Color: black, white, and gray
We can supply with or without logo print
Other designs and sizes can be produced to order


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