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Bamboo Woven Fence

The black and natural bamboo woven fences offers an instant screening solution to give your outdoor area a tropical or Asian-inspired feel. Join them together to make an ordinary fence look extraordinary. The perfect backdrop to your outdoor plants.


Manufactured from black and natural bamboo woven with bamboo frame, shiny with a gloss coating finishing, it can be used to rooms partition both indoors and outdoors such as gazebos, garages, or other spaces in your .

Standard total size of each panel :
– Width 90 cm x Height 120 cm
– Width 90 cm x Height 180 cm
– Width 100 cm x Height 200 cm
Other designs and sizes are available to order

The advantages:
Instant solution for fence and room or garden partition
Resistant to weathering/rotting
Raw materials from controlled sources
Strong construction


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