Lets make colourful climbing flowers in your garden with EASY GROW Expanding Trellis!


Enhance your garden with this premium quality EASY GROW Expanding Trellis.
You can use this EASY GROW Expanding Trellis for DIY landscape application, you can use it for fences, partition, and it also will add instant interest to your outdoor space and offers the perfect support for your climbing plants such as clematis, climbing roses, or jasmine at the base and they’ll weave amongst the trellis and add beautiful colour to your garden.

You can expand to get higher trellis of folding for more privacy.
Made from high quality Indonesian Mahogany wood and non rusty galvanized bolt.
Gap between wood slats = 10 cm x 10 cm

Standard sizes (after expand) :
50 cm wide x 100 cm lenght
100 cm wide x 150 cm lenght
100 cm wide x 200 cm lenght

Colours Available :
Natural (No colour)
Other sizes and colours are available by request

Packed in a single retail pack with shrink plastic and label

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