Tree Collar - Palm Tie

Wind blow over no longer a problem! EASY GROW Tree Collars is a premium device for securing trees and preventing blow over.


Tree Collar – PALM TIE designed for landscape projects, specialy to suit advanced trees and large palms,
Manufactured from UV resistant PP belt with adjustable velcro straps and long lasting plastic clip.
A very simple low cost way to project your valuable tree stock.
Size : 10 x 150 cm
Colour : Black and green
Special colours, sizes and design, will be available by request.

Advantages :
Two styles of Tree Collars : Tree Farm Model and Landscape Model
Reduces labour cost
Save fertilizer : No need re-fertilize when plants do not blow over
Reusable : lasts for years
More saleable plants : No broken branches when plants do not blow over
Pay for it self in less than one season with no re-fertilizing and no broken branches
No scarring or damage from rubbing

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