Easy Grow Seedlings Bag will help you to reduce shock and death on plant seedlings because of transplantation process.


Seedlings Bag Easy Grow is manufactured from non woven material, breathable (permeable), lightweight, safe and easy to use.
Using Seedlings Bag Easy Grow during the nursery can increase the number of living plants, with a special composition so that the material is biodegradable (can be decomposed in nature) which is friendly to the environment.

Water and nutrients needed by plants can penetrate Seedlings Bag Easy Grow so that seedlings can grow better. When the seedlings are old enough and will be transplanted to a bigger place, there is no need to tear and throw away the Seedlings Bag which will be able to damage the roots of the plant seeds so that the plants will shock and die.
Simply plant directly without removing it like using a plastic polybag, so your work will be faster.

Available sizes :
– 8 x 8 cm, to be Diameter 5 x 8 cm high
– 10 x 10 cm, to be Diameter 6 x 10 cm high
– 12 x 12 cm, to be Diameter 7.5 x 12 cm high
– 15 x 15 cm, to be Diameter 9.5 x 15 cm high
– 18 x 18 cm, to be Diameter 12 x 18 cm high
– 24 x 20 cm, to be Diameter 15 x 20 cm high
Colour : Black and White
Other colours and sizes available by request

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