Plant Cover

Easy grow Plant Cover for Frost Proof or Tree Cover at Winter & Autumn for Patio Courtyard Garden


Easy Grow Plant Cover is Easy for used.
With drawstring at the opening make it easier and quicker to cover plants during harsh weather.
The drawstring is sturdy and less effort.
Designed with or without zipper (depend on request).
Made of PP Non-woven fabric, allows air and moisture to reach plants, keep plants breathable.
Lightweight and soft, they are plant friendly, no harm to plant growing.
Protect plants from snow hail, frost in the winter and insects, birds during the growing season, no need to remove each morning and replace each evening

Available in fabric of 25 gsm, 33 gsm, 40 gsm, 50 gsm and other as request
Available Pupular Colours : White, Blue, Green and other colours as request

Standard Sizes :
– Width 80 cm x Height 100 cm
– Width 160 cm x Height 120 cm
– Width 240 cm x Height 160 cm
– For other sizes, please contact us

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