Fruit Cover

EASY GROW Fruit Cover as protection for Fruits and vegetables from Insect and pest


EASY GROW Fruit Cover

  1. Made from PP Spundond Non Woven fabric with anti UV additives.
  2. EASY GROW Fruit Cover will give a quicker and better growing and increase the harvest. Protecting the vegetables, strawberries, many type of fruits and plants against frost, snow, rain, heat or damaged caused by creeps, pests, birds, dust, and UV sun light. Will increase the growing temperature and extend the growing season.

Advantages of EASY GROW Fruit cover

  1. Protect vegetables, strawberries, many type of fruits and plants
  2. Earlier and increased harvest
  3. Protect against frost, snow, rain, heat, creeps, pest, birds, dust, and UV sun light
  4. Increase the growing temperature and extend the season
  5. Quicker and increased growing and 15% enlarge the fruits harvest
  6. Increased quality of fruits and vegetables
  7. Ready to use and very eazy
  8. Fruit will still have good air circulation

Available in White and Blue colours and many sizes for your needs:

  • Size S / 15 x 15 cm : For Apple, Orange
  • Size M / 20 x 25 cm : For Star Fruit, Avocado, Guava, Pear, Mango, Dragon fruits
  • Size L / 25 x 30 cm : For Grape, Mango
  • Size XL / 30 x 40 cm : For Melon, Water Melon
  • Size XXL / 45 x 50 cm : For Melon, Water melon, Jack Fruit, Papaya, Kelengkeng
  • Other sizes available by request
  • Packed in retail pack of 50 pcs, complete with wire ties

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