EASY GROW - Bio Composter

You can make your own organic compost with EASY GROW Bio Composter (BICOM). You can also use BICOM as analyst in trash and effluent, faster and eco friendly.


Made from good quality organic material and livestock effluent, agro-industry effluent, etc processed by analyst bacteria.

BICOM Advantages :
Remove any odours on livestock and household effluent, septic-tank, etc
It will help for faster decomposition on organic material.
As activator on fertilizer, as it contains bacterias ; Probiotic, Lignolitic, Selolotic, Amylolytic, Lipolitic, sulfur analyst, phospate solvent, and for Nitrogen.

Usage :
For solidy fertiliser.
Mix 1 litre BICOM with 50 liter of water.
Prepare 500 kg of organic material (organik waste, leaf, etc). For faster in fermentation process, crusher this organic material to be smaller.
Dig a hole about 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm (0,5 m3). Or make from a wooden box but do not closed too tight, because aerob bacteria still need oxygent. Protect it from rain.
If you use EASY GROW COMPOST BAG, mix 1 bottle lid of BICOM with 1 litre of water for 5 kg compost, or multiplied volume or weight of organic material that you will make compost.
After it ready, make one layer of organic waste pour with BICOM. And then cover with other organic waste, pour again with BICOM. Continue to make other layers until all your organic waste finish. Over with plastic tarp or close the EASY GROW COMPOST BAG lid.
3-5 days latter, temperature on compost will be increase 110 to 130 0C (because of fermentation process). After 10 days, when the compost cold, it meaning compost are ready to use.

For septic-tank :
Flush 1-liter BICOM to Water-Closet(better at night)

For household effluent :
Flush 1-liter BICOM to 100 M2 waste pond

Packed in a bottle of 1 Liter

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