Compost Bag

Make your own organic compost with EASY GROW Compost Bag and save your money for your plants!


If you have kitchen waste or organic waste, dry leaf, etc… do not burn it or do not put it in waste bin. You still can use this waste to make organic compost for plants on the garden. It will help you to save money, you will no need to buy compost from garden center, because you can make it your self. And it is very easy!

Just put your organic compost into EASY GROW Compost Bag and put some bio composter and let it work in 1-3 months until it become organic compost then take it out from the bottom window of the EASY GROW Compost Bag and put your own compost to the garden or pots.
Easy Grow Compost Bag made from HDPE Woven material, UV Resistant, durable in any extreme climates for 5 years.

2 sizes available :
Standard : Diameter 38 cm x 70 cm High (80 Liter)
Jumbo : Diameter 50 cm x 102 cm High(200 Liter)
Colour : Green

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