1. For far easier planting,hang The Vegie BagTM to waist height using a patio hook or cord
  2. Fit the plastic collar through the 50 mm slit in the bottom of the bag with the 90 mm plate inside the bag and at the same time remove the split foam sponge from the plastic collar and leave it in the bag.
  3. Remove your seedling (assume it is a tomato) from its growing container.
    With extreme care insert the root of the tomato plants through the bottom planting hole of the plastic collar from the outside.
    In each Vegie BagTM for example,you can grow 2 tomato plants.
    chilli plants and 4 assorted herbs or grow to suit your own personal needs.
  4. Holding the plant very carefully in position, place the tomato stem inside the split sponge and insert the sponge back into the plastic collar (from the inside).Leave as much stem as possible inside The Vegie BagTM and this will enable the stem inside The Vegie BagTM to develop a new vigorios root system and far healtier plant.For a larger crop we advice to plant two seedlings at once and take care as tomato stems bend or break quite easily.
    Be sure to purchase healthy plants with a stem of around 5 mm in diameter and no blossoms.
  5. Using a small container,fill The Vegie BagTM with a top quality potting soil to within 25 mm below the bottom row of slits and then firm potting soil gently by hand ensuring that the root ball of the tomato plants are centered in The Vegie bagTM
  6. You can now put your plastic watering tube in to the centre of the bag and push in to soil so that the top of watering tube is about 1 cm above the top of The Vegie BagTM.You can water in to the top of the tube as this will ensure an even distribution of moisture to the roots at all times.
  7. When you have chosen the type of seedlings you will grow in the slits of The Vegie BagTM and for example we will assume it is Chilli seedlings.Carefully remove the Chilli seedling from its container and from the outside insert the seedling through the three slits in the side of The Vegie BagTM on slight angle so that you encourage an upward and slightly outward growth.
  8. Again, using your small container,fill The Vegie BagTM with potting soil to within 25 mm below the top row of slits and again plant your seedlings in the same way as the first set.Now fill The Vegie BagTM to the top with potting soil and then move the finished Vegie BagTM to its permanent hanging position.
  9. Very slowly add water until soil in The Vegie BagTM is totally saturated and excess water begins to drip through the drainage holes in the bottom of the bag.Do not water fast as this may cause soil and fertilizer to be washed out.